We provide international level curriculum for the better devlopment of our students.

Best Teachers

Our school provides with the best professional teachers with highly skilled teaching capability.

Fully Equiped

We are equipped with all those requirements that need to be in international kind of pre-school.

Practical Education

Our teaching methodology is very practical one. Students will gain knowledge while playing.

Welcome to Eurokids Nepal, The Pre-School Specialist

Euro Kids, a brand owned by Eurokids International Ltd, is India’s No. 1 pre-school chain. Eurokids started its operation in 2001 with 2 preschools but now has more than 875 preschools in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Dubai & Singapore. Eurokids is the brand owned by Eurokids International Limited (EIPL). which was formerly known as Egnont Imagination (India) Limited. The company started its operations in 1997 with a joint venture partnership with the Indian Express Group and the Egmont Group from Denmark...


Best Preschool Requirements

  • Hygienic Food

    Best at its earliest we provide with hygienic food only to our kids. Health issues comes at first for every students of ours.

  • Practical Learning

    Our teaching methodlogy is primarily based of more practicals. Rather than vocational education we believe in practical education.

  • Vehicle Service

    For all of the students we do provide vehicle service within inside the valley. Vehicle is owned by ourselves.

  • Multi Cultural

    We create an event to celebrate almost all of the occassions celebrated by different communities residing inside the country.

  • Activities

    Our school provides various kind of activities to help in growth of knowledge from the the early age.

  • Games

    Thinking of health and exercise of children various kind of games suitable for them are provided inside the school.

Best Pre-School In Kathmandu

what parents say about Us

Eurokids bansbari does an excellent job of fostering a community feeling amongst its parents and students, allowing us to be involved with the transition from toddler to pre-schooler at every step. We've been very impressed with the quality of education our daughter received, and feel she is completely prepared for Kindergarten next year.

My son loves coming to school. The Teachers have created a fun classroom that eases the kids in but prepares them to be in a school setting. They absolutely get three-year olds, which isn't easy.

All the teachers are wonderful with the children and makes the parents feel at ease when dropping off their kids. My daughter always brings home the cutest projects